Custom MAG Box 250/254/256/322/324/349/351 Images

Supports Mag 250/254/256/322/324/349/351 IPTV LIST 10000 CHANNELS: IPTVAMAZINGPRO.COM Step-by-Step guide: 1) Prepare a USB flash. Format your USB flash to FAT32 file system format.2) Click on your STB model number and then click the DOWNLOAD button on the top left of the newly opened webpage. DOWNLOAD IMAGE:mag250!Q4YkDKQT!46cNMVY-KRNIm3tYoGR0rgmag254!k0ImBCKA!bbNSbss1wXmOfxGK1Y2KdQmag256!14QSBaqJ!95LkP7PoVbnTAA-2BqL7NAmag322!w0JE1ILA!6tDfPWlkbG1c6tuA4bTSewmag324!1hICAQwI!KsxN8jSyBs3Nx6ClJhuMog 3) Extract the downloaded file. 4) Copy the […]