How to Play IPTV Link m3u on VLC Media Player?

+ Step Play IPTV Link m3u use VLC Player

Play IPTV on VLC

VLC is a great program if you want to stream Live TV from your Mac or PC.

  • Download and Install VLC
  • Open VLC
  • At the Very Top of the program, click MEDIA
  • Open Network Stream
  • Past in the URL we sent you (m3u with OPTIONS MPEGTS)
  • Wait till all the Channels load
  • Choose a Channel and enjoy the show

Step 1: Download VLC media player from here and follow the steps and Install VLC Media Player

When the application is opend press Media.

Add link m3u to VLC

Step 2: Click on Open network stream

Add link m3u to VLC

Step 3: Enter the M3U URL provided by your IPTV distributor and press Enter.

Get IPTV List 10000 Channels Here

Add link m3u to VLC

Step 4: Now your playlist is loaded , Press the combination between CTRL+L to bring up the playlist.

Search tv channels on VLC

Here you can choose or search for your desired channel and start watching Live TV…


– Best of all, a monthly subscription is only around 14.99 Euro! Considering the quality and features of the service, it’s an absolute steal.
– Available on MAG, Android, iOS, XBMC/KODI, Enigma, PC, Smart TV and more…

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—-> View channel list here<—-

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