How to add link iptv m3u to Kodi IPTV PVR Client?

How to setup Kodi IPTV m3u? Grab the working URL of the file you want to add from the above-mentioned site. Just open your Kodi. And select add-ons. Select my addons from the addon submenu. Select the category as PVR CLIENTS. Select PVR IPTV simple client. Now select configure, to add the M3U file URL […]

How to Subscription IPTV Packages

How to Subscription IPTV Packages? 1. Steps Subscription iptv packages: Go Click “BUY NOW” at Package(1 Month, 2 Months or 3 Months) Donate money for IPTV Packages (Via PAYPAL) IPTV Playlist will send to your email (< 8 hours) 10000+Channels: USA CANADA UK FRANCE GERMANY ITALIA ARABIC TURK CZECH PORTUGAL NEDERLANDS POLAND BULGARIA ALBANIA AUSTRIA EX-YU SPAIN BELGIUM…. Subscription iptv packages Here: CLICK HERE STEP 1: Go to Subscription iptv packages […]

Custom MAG Box Images (Unblock Mag box to Play IPTV)

Supports Mag 250/254/256/322/324/349/351 IPTV LIST 10000 CHANNELS: IPTVAMAZINGPRO.COM Step-by-Step guide: 1) Prepare a USB flash. Format your USB flash to FAT32 file system format.2) Click on your STB model number and then click the DOWNLOAD button on the top left of the newly opened webpage. DOWNLOAD IMAGE:mag250!Q4YkDKQT!46cNMVY-KRNIm3tYoGR0rgmag254!k0ImBCKA!bbNSbss1wXmOfxGK1Y2KdQmag256!14QSBaqJ!95LkP7PoVbnTAA-2BqL7NAmag322!w0JE1ILA!6tDfPWlkbG1c6tuA4bTSewmag324!1hICAQwI!KsxN8jSyBs3Nx6ClJhuMog 3) Extract the downloaded file. 4) Copy the […]

How to Play IPTV on LG Smart TV – Samsung Smart TV

How to Setup Play IPTV on SAMSUNG Smart TVs/ LG Smart TV This tutorial will guide you through the simple setup instruction for a SAMSUNG Smart TV, LG Smart TV. NOTE: This app is free to use for a period of seven days, you will then be asked to make a one time donation of […]